What Shoes To Wear With Chinos

You can’t just impress anyone by wearing right clothes, unless and until you have picked right foot wear to match it. Chinos are perfect pants which every male should own in his wardrobe; because of its versatility which can be wear on innumerable events. Chinos are definitely less formal compared to formal trousers; however more classy when compared to jeans. It is always good to stick to simple styles of shoe wear which are sharp and unfussy in appearance, when you are wearing chinos in a smart causal manner. Give a miss to lace-ups and flip-flops and go for loafers and sneakers. No matter if it is semi-formal or smart causal, main point is to create a consistent and cool outfit.

Chinos come in various different colors and most men like to have good collection of colors in their wardrobe. It is very typical to wear white shoes with brown colored chinos; however just to give a classy look it will be great if you can wear brown colored shoe but in a different shade compared to your chino. If you are someone loving blue color chinos, picking shoe for this might be a challenging task. It is always best to go with same color; however with a different shade. Navy chinos when clubbed with brown shoes make a great combination.

There are men who have range of chinos available in their wardrobe which can vary from dark shades to light shades. It becomes essential to pick right shoe wear for chinos you will be wearing on that day to achieve a desired look.

Rachel Watson is a writer of this article. When she is not writing, she is a bit of tech geek and also likes to experiment on her looks and go on shopping spree.

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