No Scan For Targeted Ads

Gmail introduced in 2004 by Google has gained immense recognition because of its storage capacity, advanced search options and ease to use. It is extensively used web email service throughout the world. Yesterday, Google has made an important announcement with respect to dumping its longstanding practice of scanning user email. Prior to this announcement, only email of paying corporate customers was not scanned. This scanning used to help in targeted advertising; however now instead of scanning a user’s email, the ads will now be targeted with other personal information Google already pulls from sources such as Google search and YouTube.

Screening for phishing attacks or potential spam will be continued for Gmail as well as suggestions for automated replies to email will be continued. Scanning email to generate targeted ads has been criticized by various privacy advocates. Users are concerned about the ads in the email, since they are sensitive about their privacy. Google is trying to ease concerns that it will use data from corporate customers to facilitate its stronghold advertising business.

Rachel Watson is a writer of this article and bit of tech geek. When she is not writing, she likes to experiment on her looks and go on shopping spree.

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