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If you have Mac or iPhone or any other Apple product, then this write-up will surely grab your eyeballs. Do you know that your Apple ID is the key to your digital empire?

Your Apple ID is your access point to every service provided by Apple which makes it easy to switch from one product to another. When you buy any Apple product, you will be asked to sign up for an Apple ID or the sign in with an existing one. Everyone should have their own Apple ID; but there is a temptation to share it with your family member or friend so that you can share iBooks purchases which is not advisable for couple of reasons. First, it can create confusion and mess the content in your account. Other reason is that it has a lot of personal information and the least you share with someone, the safer it is. You can always go for Family Sharing group where you can invite up to six members into a single group where you can all access the same iBooks, iTunes, etc.

When your Apple ID has everything right from iCloud drive or billing info, it becomes necessary to keep it secure. Whenever you or someone else logs into your ID from a new device, you will get an email notification giving you information from where log-in occurred. If you are not the one who has logged in from that place, be sure to change your password immediately or if you are not able to do so, get in touch with Apple support. To secure your account, create a unique and very strong password and ensure that your device is always up to date. Follow these steps to get latest update and fix the bugs – Go to your Settings > General > Software Update. To activate the two-factor authentication, follow these steps – iCloud > Apple ID > Password & Security > Two-Factor Authentication. Now, your account is more secured.

To conclude, it takes just two minutes to set up your Apple ID’s security so that you are sure that it is well secured.

Rachel Watson is a writer of this article and bit of tech geek. When she is not writing, she likes to experiment on her looks and go on shopping spree.

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